Central Location. For All Needs.

Our facility allows you to store just about anything you need, including furniture, seasonal items, and vehicles such as
campers and trailers. Reserve your secure unit today.

Storage Units Near You

We are close to downtown Westcliffe and near many gas stations, convenience stores, hiking spots, and restaurants. With a central location just minutes from US Route 50’s nearest exit, you will be able to reach your self-storage unit fast and easily. Check out our unit sizes if you live near Cotopaxi, Cañon City, Wetmore, Florence, Gardner, Salida, or Silver Cliff.

Outdoor Parking Spaces in Westcliffe, Colorado

Storage Lockers West is in a nice area of Colorado, where the annual Westcliffe Stampede Rodeo takes place – a rodeo we always enjoy with a great American atmosphere. Whether you think traveling alone makes it easier for you to unwind or prefer the company of others to enjoy your time on the road, our outdoor RV parking units will allow you to store your vehicle knowing that it’s fully protected.
Our facility is just north of Llama Trekking by Lookin Up Outfitters in the Wet Mountain Valley, a unique activity that allows you to experience breathtaking mountain views and the company of adorable llamas. As you can see, our storage units and outdoor parking spaces are surrounded by many towns and activities, so don’t hesitate to contact us the next time you need a unit to store your stuff!